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IHST 2009 SMS Toolkit  
This SMS document is an advanced, integrated method of implementing standards identified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the FAA Flight Standards Service (AFS-900). The toolkit provides assistance for organizations to achieve improved safety performance using a “performance based approach.” It encourages organizations to choose the solution that best suits their needs and performance objectives. The toolkit helps the organization determine their level of compliance and to develop an action plan that includes the necessary components.

IHST 2007 SMS Toolkit
The SMS Toolkit will help small operators develop a fit‐for‐purpose system that will show both a return on investment, and/or cost effectiveness from both financial and safety perspectives. It will help organizations develop a SMS designed to fit the size, nature and complexity of their organization.

IHST Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Toolkit

This document is designed to provide a summary of existing flight data monitoring guidance and to serve as a step-by-step guide to helicopter operators considering or currently implementing a Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) program in their organization. It is also intended to address some unique challenges specific to helicopter operations.
  IHST Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Toolkit (first edition 2009)

IHST Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring Toolkit (second edition 2011)

IHST Helicopter Training Toolkit

This toolkit addresses some of the issues uncovered in the report and serves as a guide to establishing, developing and maintaining an effective training program. It also provides guidance in identifying and utilizing training aids, training devices, and simulators to improve aircraft and mission specific proficiency. Implementing the Training Toolkit will improve training effectiveness and improve safety by both preventing accidents and mitigating the severity of accidents.
 Helicopter Training ToolKit

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