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The following guidelines are used to operate the EC130 in noise sensitive areas. These guidelines are recommendations only. The flight procedures remain the pilot's responsibility, according to local regulations restrictions and flight manual limitations.Note : The EC 130B4 meets the Grand Canyon National Park limit when flying at 400 ft AGL with 7 passenger seats (450 ft with 6 passenger seats).Select a flight path as far as possible from sensitive areas or fly along the noisiest land route (highway, railroad,…).Fly at least 500 feet AGL.Maintain steady flight avoiding large pedal movements, if possible.To the extent possible, fly with the sensitive areas on the right hand side of the helicopter.

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Ground Operations

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Avoid unnecessary hovering.
Avoid quick and repetitive pedal movements.
Make right turns to the extent possible.

Takeoff and Climb

Accelerate quickly to Vy and climb at this speed using maximum continuous power (MCP).

Enroute and Cruise Flyover

Fly at an airspeed of 110 kias for an outside air temperature (OAT) of 25°C. If possible, increase the height above the ground to reduce the noise.Increase the airspeed slightly if the OAT is increasing and decrease the airspeed slightly if the OAT is decreasing.


No available information.

DescentApproach and Landing

Fly at 60 kias, with a rate of descent close to 1000 ft / min joining the standard final phase of the approach according to Flight Manual procedures.


Take-off and landing from/to a helipad in a non sensitive area but adjacent to neighbouring sensitive areas (seaside areas for example).If possible, select a taking-off flight path opposite to the sensitive area. Accelerate quickly to Vy and climb at this speed using MCP. For landing adopt a flight path toward the sensitive area. Fly at Vy with a rate of descent close to 500 ft / min.Atmospheric wind effectAdopt a flight path on the downwind side of the sensitive area.

HAI Comment

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