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ROTOR Magazine, the flagship publication for Helicopter Association International (HAI), welcomes submissions from the international vertical-lift community.

Articles from the field, real-world case studies, lessons learned, and best practices for rotorcraft aviation and related enterprises are an essential part of what ROTOR offers its readers. Opinion pieces are also welcome.

Before You Submit Your Article ...

Here are some things you should know about writing for ROTOR magazine:

  • The ROTOR editorial staff will review your article and determine its suitability for publication in ROTOR. If your article is declined for publication, the editorial staff will notify you, and ROTOR will have no further rights to it.
  • All articles accepted for publication are edited. However, authors have the opportunity to review their edited articles before publication, and articles are only published with the approval of both the author and the ROTOR editorial staff
  • ROTOR does not compensate its volunteer authors, and it does not reprint material that has been published elsewhere.
  • ROTOR articles should be informational and provide the reader with value. Articles that are strictly promotional will be declined.
  • By agreeing to publish in ROTOR, you allow HAI and ROTOR to publish and reprint your article and use it for promotional purposes.
  • Articles should be between 1,500 and 2,400 words. Verify every name, date, fact, and figure. We count on you to give us the correct information.

Publishing Deadlines
ROTOR is published four times each year, in the first week of February, May, August, and November. Below are the article deadlines for each issue.

ROTOR Editorial Calendar
To be published in this issue Submit article by
Winter (February) Dec. 1 
Spring (May) Mar. 1
Summer (August) Jun. 1
Fall (November) Sep. 1

Direct all manuscripts and inquiries to —

Gina Kvitkovich, Director of Publications & Media
703-302-1610 • gina.kvitkovich@rotor.org

Include a short biography (maximum of 75 words), along with your name, title, company, full address, telephone number, and email address. Please also attach any graphics or photos.

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