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The only magazine dedicated exclusively to the civil helicopter industry. Published quarterly, ROTOR contains news and features about the civil helicopter industry. It covers pertinent helicopter operations, safety and regulatory issues including an FAA question and answer column, legislative and lobbying issues, and HAI committee and member activities. Advertising space is available in this publication.
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Guide for Establishing an Apprenticeship Program for Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics (Available online)
HAI recently completed a guidebook for operators who may wish to establish an apprenticeship program for A&P mechanics. This guide gives information on how to provide innovative ways for the helicopter industry to alleviate a growing shortage of skilled airframe and powerplant mechanics (A&P). In May 2001, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry presented AGROTORS with a Certificate of Registration certifying that the company had registered its Airframe and Powerplant apprentice-training program under standards approved by the Pennsylvania Apprenticeship and Training council and the Federal Committee on Apprenticeship. The background material presented in this Guide is taken directly from the U.S. Department of Labor. The A&P template is the one utilized by AGROTORS and approved by Pennsylvania. This template may be used by HAI members to create their own apprenticeship-training program in their respective states. There are listings by state of the appropriate points of contact (HAI, 2003)

HAI Fly Neighborly Guide (Available online)
The Fly Neighborly Guide is published under the auspices of the Helicopter Association International to promote helicopter noise abatement procedures. 

It is intended to serve only as a guide, and is by no means comprehensive.The guidelines are intended to assist pilots, operators, managers, and designated Fly Neighborly officers to establish an effective, self-sustained Fly Neighborly program. The flight procedures and concepts outlined herein must be further tailored to suit local needs, and to ensure that local or regional organizations cooperate to develop a strong, well-organized and disciplined approach to achieving Fly Neighborly objectives.

The guide is divided into seven sections: 

  • Pilot training and related noise abatement procedures
  • Operator programs and what can be done to promote noise abatement operations
  • Public acceptance and community concerns
  • Helicopter noise and its causes
  • A glossary
  • Helicopter manufacturers
  • Regional affiliate members of HAI 

HAI Helicopter Pilot and Maintenance Technician Training Facilities Directory (Available online)
Contains a complete, worldwide guide: HAI member schools with helicopter pilot and aviation maintenance technician training programs; average salary information by global region; a list of specialized civil aviation officials; key civil helicopter industry publications; and more. If your organization offers training services and is a member of HAI, contact HAI to be included in this directory. (2000-2001)

HAI Legal Referral Directory
Contains a listing of attorneys (in the U.S.) recommended by HAI members. The listings, broken down by state and attorney, contain a brief autobiography for each attorney. The autobiographies contain information regarding: primary areas of practice, flight and/or industry background, active bar memberships and dates of admission, academic and professional background and HAI member sponsor. Areas of practice include: antitrust, appellate, bankruptcy, corporate/business, criminal, environmental, estate planning, FAA enforcement, family law, finance, government contracts, insurance defense, intellectual property, international trade, labor and employment, legislation/lobbying, litigation, oil and gas, patent law, personal injury litigation, product liability, real estate, regulatory, securities, taxation and toxic torts.

Helicopter Approach Capability Using the Differential Global Positioning System (Available online)
This booklet summarizes the NASA/Ames Research Center tests on differential mode Global Position System (DGPS) for accuracy, precision navigation and guidance pertaining to helicopter landing approaches. The data provided in these tests show that DGPS guidance satisfies ICAO Category 1 lateral and vertical position accuracy requirements. HAI is offering this book as a database for operators interested in DGPS and for students studying DGPS systems. (NASA, 1993)

Helicopter Instructor - Guide (Available online)
This publication was used as the HAI/Rolls-Royce Flight Instructor Refresher Course at HELI-EXPO 2004. It is a straightforward, simplistic approach to instructional techniques, exam briefings and flight review. This is a great resource for both instructors and students alike. (FAA, 2002)

Heliport/Vertiport Development Guide (Available online)
The HAI “Heliport/Vertiport Development Guide” is a comprehensive look at the numerous factors that must be considered in the construction of a modern heliport facility. The Guide has been designed to assist those who are concerned with the planning and development of modern helicopter landing and service facilities, and gives particular attention to the interests of public planners, heliport operators and their neighbors, businesses which have a need for helicopter support, and individuals interested in the orderly economic and spatial development of their communities. Included are the general “Heliports and Vertiports: The 25 Most Asked Questions and Answers,” with more specific guidance in the “Planning and Design” sections. Appendices contain useful aeronautical guides, including the current “Heliport Design Advisory Circular,” “Heliport/Vertiport Implementation Process Case Studies,” “IFR Helicopter Non-precision Global Positioning System Point-In-Space Approaches,” a complete list of federal and state aviation contacts, the HAI “Fly Neighborly” guide, and publications dealing with such topics as FAA funding and structural design aspects. (HAI, 1999)

Heliports and Vertiports -- The 25 Most Asked Questions
(Available online)
This guide has been prepared in response to numerous requests for information on how to begin planning for a heliport or vertiport, and is an excerpt from the Heliport/Vertiport Development Guide. The information and material have been compiled for the purpose of assisting planners, heliport and vertiport proponents, and operators in their development plans.

Maintenance Update
A quarterly publication that provides a forum for mechanics and technicians to exchange information. It includes regulatory issues, airworthiness directives, aircraft alerts and items of special interest.
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Multi-Year Compilation - HAI Survey of Operating Performance
(Available online)
This report represents the first compilation of the results from the last seven surveys beginning in 1993 and concluding in 2000. Its intent is to make it easier to examine the results from each survey for trends or to identify other interesting behavior in the financial and operating information. (HAI, 2001)

Transportation Research Circular: Helicopter Operator Economics Workshop (Available online)
Under the sponsorship of HAI and the FAA, the Transportation Research Board conducted a two-day workshop on helicopter operator economics. The workshop was made up of five categories of operators: small, medium and large operators, as well as public service and private and corporate operators. (FAA/HAI, 1992)
Available online

Rotorcraft Human Factors Research (Available online)
When the NASA-Ames Research Center Rotorcraft Human Factors Division closed down, they compiled a summary of their findings and offered them to HAI. This comprehensive book covers visual flight elements, map-terrain integration, spatial flight instruments, night vision devices and helmet-mounted displays, flight-task management, electronic input, ASRS/EMS safety network, integration and training strategies, and a bibliography. (NASA/AMES, 1994)

Videos & DVDs

Airspace Reclassification (VHS)

Emergency Response to Pesticide Spills  (Available online)
Geared specifically for the agricultural operator, this 27-minute video covers, in detail, all recommended procedures to avoid, prevent and contain agricultural pesticide spills. Of primary importance, the video recommends safety procedures for crashed agricultural aircraft situations.

Flying in the Wire Environment  (Available online)
This 30-minute video discusses low flying and close encounters within the wire environment. Primary attention is given to agricultural flying, but the lessons learned in this video can profit all helicopter pilots. The video displays the problems and formulates procedures and thought processes in the new and older pilot that helps them safely handle the procedures for low altitude flying.

Flying Neighborly  (Available online)
The Helicopter Association International (HAI) presents the all-new videotape “Flying Neighborly,” designed to educate helicopter pilots on noise abatement procedures while flying in noise-sensitive areas. “Flying Neighborly” concentrates on the technical aspects of flying rotorcraft more quietly commensurate with safe flying practices and procedures and is designed for pilots and more aviation savvy audiences.

HAI: The First 25 Years  (Available online)
This 28-minute video offers a historical look into the foundation of Helicopter Association International. Detailed narration and rare historical photos show the corporate strategy, goals, implementation, results, and many other milestones of what started as a small association in 1948 and is now the voice of the international helicopter community.

Helicopter Experience
"The Helicopter Experience with Dennis Kenyon features a unique combination of the top helicopter aerobatic displays at RAFA Shoreham, North Weald 'Aerofair', Bury St. Edumunds 'Rotors & Motors' and many more. Dennis Kenyon is the winner of 1992 World Freestyle Championships, and the highest scoring pilot in the 2005 Championships in Rouen, France." Running time is 60 minutes.

Helicopters and the Community (Available online)
Designed for presentation to non-aviation audiences such as civic organizations, legislative and regulatory audiences and others, and focuses on the various public uses of helicopters and their impact to the community. The video also contains information on how the helicopter industry and pilots strive to ensure the practical use of quiet flying techniques, and includes a discussion of the benefits of a strategically located heliport network in our cities and municipalities.

Pioneering the Helicopter  (Available online)
The video version of Charles Lester Morris’ books “Pioneering the Helicopter”. Pioneering the Helicopter describes the birth and early development of the helicopter from the author’s perspective as Chief Test Pilot and Field Service Manager for Sikorsky Aircraft. The video is full of stories and anecdotes, as well as personal experiences, told against the backdrop of excellent historical film footage from the initial stages of the development of the Sikorsky helicopters.

Straight Up! Helicopters In Action
Straight Up! Helicopters in Action features more than a dozen helicopters in a series of pulse-pounding adventures that demonstrates the many roles these powerful aircraft play in our lives. Fly along with skilled helicopter crews as they carry out sea and mountain rescues, apprehend drug smugglers, repair high voltage lines, save endangered animals, deliver humanitarian aid, and undertake a reconnaissance mission. Learn how helicopters are flown. Straight Up! Helicopters In Action is narrated by Martin Sheen and directed by David Douglas. (Running Time: 42 minutes)

The Helicopter  (Available online)
This 20-minute video, narrated by Cliff Robertson, describes the capabilities of the helicopter in medical, crime fighting/law enforcement, industrial, and remote areas. It also describes the growing use of vertical flight.

The Vertical Dimension  (Available online)
This video, produced by the FAA with guidance from HAI, is narrated by Clint Eastwood and is aimed at managers, pilots, and maintenance personnel. The nine-minute tape tells a story of an impatient, unsympathetic executive who demands that a fatigued pilot, from a well-established helicopter operation, fly an aircraft with potential mechanical problems. This video describes an unsafe situation that any pilot may encounter. Eastwood sums up the presentation with proven operational procedures developed by HAI’s Safety Committee. (1993) 


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