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 Why Vertical Aviation?

Is working in the civilian vertical lift industry right for you? Below are a few reasons helicopter and UAS aviation could be the right fit.

Join the Team. In the military, every team member is valued for his or her contribution. It’s the same in civilian aviation — every person has a role to play. From pilots to dispatchers to maintainers to safety officers, it takes a team to do the job right.
We’re Everywhere You Want to Be. Helicopters and UAS are a part of civilian general aviation, which supports 1.1 million jobs across the country and adds $219 billion to the U.S. economy. So whether you’re planning to live in the city, the country, or somewhere in between, chances are an civilian aviation job is not far away.
We’re More than Just Aviation. What civilian helicopters and UAS do may surprise you — we’re often used to support a business’s regular operations. For example, TV stations use helicopters and UAS to shoot news stories; utilities use them to patrol and repair power lines. You may work for a corporate flight department, ferrying executives to meetings, or on a farm, spraying crops and herding livestock.
Details? We Sweat ʼEm. Just like in a military operation, the details count in civilian aviation. If you want to work in an industry that respects your ability to get it right, every time, then join the civilian vertical lift aviation team.
Active Jobs for Active Folks. Plenty of civilian aviation jobs are done in an office setting. But if you aren’t looking forward to “riding a desk,” we’ve got other options, too.
Missions that Matter. If the mission matters to you, then consider joining the civilian helicopter industry. Firefighting, helicopter air ambulance, law enforcement, search and rescue, and more — we’ve got the mission for you.

An Industry that Needs YOU. Between years of sustained growth in the industry and the retirement of the Baby Boomer generation, the civilian vertical lift industry is looking for the next generation. Could that be you?

 Learn more about the careers in civilian vertical lift aviation.
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